Below you will find a list of links I personally recommend to readers of my stories.  The links have been split into three sections, the first a list of sites I am involved with, the second a list of sites I recommend and the third direct links to the pages of some of my favourite authors.  Please be aware that these links are my personal recommendations and should in no way be seen as being officially endorsed by The Authors Haunt or any of its staff members.



My Forum

My forum at The Authors Haunt, where you can read and discuss my stories and poetry, ask me questions and learn about my forthcoming work.

My Googlepages Site

Another site where you can also find my work, though there will be nothing there that doesn't appear on my site here.

My Other Blog

My alternate blog at livejournal, where non-Community members can read about what's going on in my life.

Contact Me

Want to ask me something, but don't want to post on the forum?  Click this link to be taken to my contact form.



Savage Chickens

Savage Chickens hosts some brilliant cartoons that never fail to make me laugh.  I highly recommend this site if you want a good giggle.

Sydney Morning Herald

An excellent source for news and information both where I am, in Australia, and around the world.

The Fred Hollows Foundation

The Fred Hollows Foundation continues the work of the late Professor Fred Hollows, whose vision was for a world where no one was needlessly blind.