Sebastian pushed open the wardrobe door with one green furry finger, wincing when the door creaked.  He held his breath, trying not to make any other sound, all the while hoping the young girl in the bed would not wake up.  When he could hear nothing more, he hooked his other three fingers around the door and pushed it open, another few inches. 


Granted, there really wasn’t that much of a gap, but it was enough to give him some fresh air to breathe.  Sebastian really hated crouching in the corners of the wardrobe when humans were around.  It was dusty and musty, when both of the wardrobe doors were closed.  And worse still, when he was shut in the wardrobe, the monster felt as if all of the air had been sucked out of the small space.  


Alone and in the dark, all the things that made noise, were enough to turn Sebastian’s thick emerald green fur, white with fright.


Of course, living in a wardrobe wasn’t entirely bad.  When all the humans were out during the daytime, the green monster would wander around the house, playing dress ups to his hearts delight.  In fact, he would have left the house a long time ago, if it wasn’t for all the fabulous clothes the humans owned.  


During the middle of the day, when no one was at home, Sebastian would sit on the bed and would watch television.  His favourite program was The Bold and The Beautiful


The green monster would watch Stephanie and Ashley and Brock, admiring the stylish outfits that they wore.  As soon as the program was over, he would go through all the wardrobes and try on any of the clothes that struck his fancy.   Sebastian decided that the reddish gold scarves looked best next to his emerald fur while the bronze silk blouse, gave depth to the grey/blues of his eyes.  


When Sebastian had decided on the outfit that best suited his mood, he would admire himself in the full length mirror.  He would turn this way and that, before strutting down the hallway in his favourite black and gold pumps, mimicking the characters of his favourite television show.


Turning quickly to go back up the hallway, he would once again, stand in front of the mirror and emote as best he could, doing an imitation of Stephanie in one of her famous rants.


Sebastian pointed at his reflection and pretended to be the woman from television, “I told you that she would be nothing but trouble from the beginning!”  he said haughtily before lowering his voice.  “Mother, what I do with my life, is my business,”  he replied, pretending to be Brock arguing with his mother, before swishing around the room again. 


When nothing interesting was on television, Sebastian would turn on the computer and do all sorts of fun things and even play games on the internet.  One day he found a closet monster support group, where he would chat with other closet monsters.  They would talk about all sorts of things and one day, when Sebastian felt he could trust the other monsters; he asked for advice on how to handle his fear of the dark.  That was when the green monster found out about the joys shopping on the ‘net.  


It was on E-Bay, where he bought his small light, after some advice from Dr Sasquatch in the chat room.  Sebastian carried the flashlight in the large front pocket of his red overalls, and it was just the thing for noisy emergencies.  Thumps and thuds and all sorts of scratchy sounds seemed to creep all around Sebastian of a night and he needed the light to chase them away.  E-bay was the best place in the world, Sebastian decided. 


Sebastian smiled at the small girl in the bed, who was still fast asleep, and he was extremely grateful that she still had a night light.  Without the little light, it would be scary in a dark room and even though he had his flashlight, he could only use it when everyone was in their own beds and sleeping.  He couldn’t risk being found out.  He would be cast out in the dark night, away from television and the internet and The Bold and The Beautiful.  He had to be as quiet as he could and continue hiding in the closet when everyone was awake and about.


The little girl in the bed was getting older and soon she wouldn’t need a night light anymore.  Sebastian wasn’t all that concerned about her losing the night light.  He had already, with the help of Dr Sasquatch planned the next step. He had seen this object on television and he knew that they would be just the thing. 


Tomorrow, when he was home alone, he would go back onto E-Bay and look for night vision goggles.



I hope you enjoyed this story.

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