Welcome to my writing site at The Authors Haunt.  On this site you will find all of my stories and poetry currently available online.  Before you begin reading my work, let me tell you a little bit about me and how I came to be a Resident Author here at The Authors Haunt.

In case you were wondering…my name really is Bev.  I live in a quiet bay side village in northern NSW, Australia with my husband of 26 years, a dog, a cat and from time to time, various lizards.  My husband and I have two adult sons, one continues to live at home while the other lives in a neighbouring suburb with his partner.

I have never really written anything other than shopping lists until a few years ago when I dabbled in fan fiction.  However, I soon became bored with it and gave up, because the characters I wrote about were no longer on television.

Then in late 2006 I met Bardeara, who since has become a dear friend.  It was through one of our many conversations that Bard encouraged me to take up writing again.  Hmmm…encouragement might not be the right word, dare fits much better, I think.  He dared me to write a Gay Rock Story and so I sat down at my keyboard and started typing.  After a few short hours, The Outcasts Garden was born.

When Rob Hawes found out I had written short stories, he read them and immediately invited me to become a Resident Author at The Authors Haunt.  To say I was shocked at the suggestion is somewhat of an understatement.  To me, my ‘silly little stories’ were anything but something fun for me to write.  Of course I accepted his offer…even though I was expecting him to change his mind at any moment.

I have been nothing short of amazed, at the reactions I get to my stories and poems.  To date, each story has been written in one sitting….taking just a few short hours.

I hope you enjoy what I call my ‘silly little stories’ and my attempts at poetry.  I know that I have had a blast writing them.

Disclaimer:  Writing published on this site may contain scenes of a sexual nature or other material that may be disturbing to some readers and/or inappropriate for younger visitors.  All stories, poetry, content and graphics are subject to copyright (please see the notices at the bottom of this page).  Infringement of this copyright will result in legal action.  Under no circumstances should any story, poem, content or design element be reproduced without the express permission of the copyright holder.  If you find any errors on this site, or if there is content you feel is inappropriate, please contact The Authors Haunt Site Administrator.